Associate Membership

Associate Membership Application

Types of Associate Memberships include:

  • Educational Institution membership is available to any institution engaged in medical education.
  • Merchant membership is available to any firm or corporation engaged in selling products or services to members of CSOMA.
  • Medical/Healthcare Associate membership is available to any licensed health care provider who is not currently licensed to practice acupuncture by the California Acupuncture Board.
  • Out-of-State membership is available to any practitioner who is licensed to practice acupuncture who practices and resides outside of California.
  • Public membership is available to any employee of a firm, corporation, or institution that qualifies for Educational Institution or Merchant membership.
  • Retired membership is available to practitioners who no longer earn income as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice acupuncture is required.

Associate members are may not vote on matters submitted to the membership for vote, including the election of the Board of Directors. Individual associate members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors if elected but may not serve as officers of the association. Retired members are not listed in the CSOMA Practitioner Directory.

If you do not qualify for Associate membership, please review our other membership categories.

This online application requires an initial dues payment via CSOMA's safe, secure, and private credit card processor. If you prefer to pay by check, please download the PDF version of this application and mail it along with your check payment.

If you are applying for Merchant or Educational Membership, select "Educational/Merchant" to continue with the application process. Otherwise, select "Individual" or "Retired".



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