Sponsor/Advertiser Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (these ‘Terms and Conditions’) have been established by the California State Oriental Medical Association (‘CSOMA’) to set out the rights and obligations of a CSOMA sponsor or advertiser. Promotional materials will include the sponsor’s electronic or print materials and references to the sponsor, such as the sponsor’s name, logo, company description, website link or company advertisement. To ensure inclusion of any materials, such information and artwork must be provided within the agreed time limit. The failure of any sponsor to meet specific deadlines shall not result in the return of any sponsorship fees already paid, or relieve the obligation to complete the payment of any remaining sponsorship fees.

CJOM Terms and Conditions

CJOM TERMS & CONDITIONS California Journal of Oriental Medicine Terms & Conditions 1. CSOMA will invoice the advertiser upon publication. One tearsheet will be sent as proof of insertion. 2. Full payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice or must be included with the insertion order. 3. Payment becomes delinquent 10 days following due date. 4. A 1.5% monthly late payment interest charge (18% annual) is incurred upon delinquency. 5. New accounts without a history of prior insertions must submit full payment for the initial ad insertion along with the insertion order. 6. Delinquent accounts may be restricted from further advertising until accounts are paid in full. 7. Multiple-insertion orders must run in consecutive issues and must pay for first and last insertion upon receipt of initial invoice to qualify for multiple insertion discount and to protect against rate increases during the duration of the order. 8. Rates are subject to change without notice. Advertisers with multiple-insertion orders are rate protected for the duration of their order. 9. Errors must be reported to the CSOMA office within 30 days of publication. No allowance is granted for errors that do not materially affect the value of an advertisement. In the case of multiple insertions, CSOMA will be responsible for the FIRST INSERTION ONLY unless the error is reported prior to subsequent insertion deadlines. 10. CSOMA is not responsible for missing or distorted text or graphics, or any other errors in advertisements supplied via electronic media unless both a complete electronic file meeting CJOM’s mechanical specifications and a full color proof are provided in advance of the due date. 11. CJOM reserves the right to reject, revise, edit, or cancel any advertisement at any time. 12. All advertisers with current insertion orders will be notified by letter, e-mail, or telephone three weeks prior to submission deadline. 13. In case of cancellations or changes in insertion agreements after the closing date, the advertiser is liable for full payment. 14. With multiple insertion agreements, ads will run consecutively unless otherwise agreed in writing. The same ad will be repeated unless new copy is supplied by deadline. No ad contract cancellations accepted after the published deadline. 15. All artwork produced by CJOM remains the property of CJOM. 16. All ad materials will be destroyed 12 months after the last insertion date unless written instructions are received detailing disposition. 17. No advertising space will be sold by CJOM for the purpose of resale. 18. Advertiser will be held liable for damages or any court judgment for invasion of privacy, libel, copyright violation, or trademark or patent infringement contained in any advertisement that appears in CJOM on the advertiser’s behalf. Advertiser’s liability shall include CSOMA’s defense costs should any legal action be brought as a result of any such action resulting from any advertisement published in the journal. 19. The advertiser and the agency preparing or placing the advertisement each agrees to indemnify and hold CSOMA harmless from all liabilities and damages, and related costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, resulting from publication of any advertisement of the advertiser.

In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the sponsor’s registration or any other communication or correspondence with the sponsor concerning a sponsored activity, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. These Terms and Conditions may be modified in writing only by CSOMA. If any court of competent jurisdiction holds that one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, unenforceable, or void, then that ruling will not affect any other provisions of this Agreement, and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.