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Since its inception in 2007, the CSOMA Advocacy Center has tracked legislative bills affecting the scope and practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. View our current bills and CSOMA positions below.

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CSOMA Tracked Bills 2015/16

Bill No.
Summary Status CSOMA

HR 3849

Acupuncture for Heroes and Seniors Act Active Support
AB 1386
Emergency medical care: epinephrine auto-injectors Active  
AB 2190

Acupuncture Board: sunset review
(Committee on Business and Professions)
 Active Watch

AB 2407

Workers' compensation: back injury   Active  

AB 2503

 Workers' compensation: utilization review - technical/spot  Active  
AB 2703

 Medical confidentiality: authorizations  Active  
AB 2744

 Healing arts: referrals - prepaid services  Active  
SB 128

End of life - aid in dying  Active  Watch 
SB 140 

Electronic cigarettes  Active  Watch
SB 538 
Naturopathic doctors - scope Active Watch
SB 563 
Workers' compensation: utilization review Active Watch


Status Definitions

Chaptered: The bill has been signed into law.

Enrolled: The bill has been passed by the legislature and is awaiting consideration by the Governor.

Gutted: The original contents of the bill have been deleted and replaced by entirely new provisions.

Dead: Failed to pass prior to legislative deadline.

In Committee: The bill is awaiting hearing in a legislative committee.

Two-Year Bill: A bill that did not pass out of its first policy committee before the constitutional deadline and will be carried over and acted upon when the Legislature reconvenes in the next year. If the bill does not pass its policy committee by the second year deadline, it is considered dead.

Vetoed: The Governor has rejected a bill passed by the legislature. A two-thirds vote of each house is necessary to override the veto and make the bill become law.

CSOMA Position Definitions

Oppose: CSOMA opposes.

Oppose unless amended: CSOMA opposes. If objectionable aspects of the bill are remedied, the association will remove its opposition.

Support: CSOMA supports.

Support if amended: CSOMA neither supports nor opposes. If appropriately amended, the association will support.

Evaluate: The CSOMA Board of Directors is currently evaluating this bill and has not yet taken a formal position.

Watch: CSOMA is actively watching this bill but has decided not to take a position for or against the bill at this time.