CSOMA 2018 Conference & Expo

Call for Presentations

Call for Presentation Submission Deadline: January 20, 2018

The CSOMA 2018 Conference & Exposition seeks to bring the best and most relevant information to professionals in the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. This Call for Presentations invites physicians, researchers and teachers of Oriental Medicine to submit a proposal for an education session at this premier conference.

General Conference Information

Conference Dates (to be confirmed): Friday, May 18, 2018, through Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Pre-conference Workshop: Thursday, May 17, 2018 (afternoon)

Location (to be confirmed): Hilton San Francisco (333 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco–just off Union Square)

Educational Session Schedule

Proposals are being accepted for the follow educational sessions:

  • Two 3.5 hour sessions times on each day (Fri-Sun): Morning sessions (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM); Afternoon sessions (2:00 PM – 5:30 PM)
  • Early morning guided Taiji/Qigong sessions: 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Evening educational sessions: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Friday and Saturday only)

Conference Description/Goals

CSOMA is proud to offer the 2018 Conference & Expo as a marketplace of training for its members and others in the traditional Oriental medical health care community. Our annual conference is a unique opportunity to network with key members of the Oriental medical community in California, including administrators, clinicians, faculty and students.

Session Requirements & Format

  1. Workshops are scheduled for 3.5 or 7 hours, including time for questions and answers. We suggest a combination of learning tools: shared best practices, case studies, video vignettes, role-play, group discussion, etc.
  2. Speakers must e-mail their presentation and/or supplementary materials to the program coordinator expo-program@csomaonline.org at least 30 days prior to the conference (April 18, 2018) if they wish to have CSOMA reproduce session handouts for attendees. CSOMA cannot guarantee that handouts will be prepared for the presentation if submitted after the deadline.
  3. An LCD projector will be provided if requested. Presenters should bring their own laptop. CSOMA will consider requests to provide a laptop if you are unable to furnish your own. We will provide a microphone and flipchart or easel if requested.
  4. Presentations may be in the following formats: individual presenter(s), panel discussion, or roundtable discussion. The roundtables will be informal opportunities for colleagues to discuss a topic with a facilitator acting as discussion leader.
  5. Presenters may not use a conference presentation to sell or to market products or services; exhibit space is available for that purpose. Please visit csomaexpo.org or call 800.477.4564 for exhibitor information.
  6. CSOMA reserves the right to modify the session and to edit your description for promotional purposes.
  7. Accepted presenters will be required to complete CSOMA’s conflict of interest statement, warranty of original work, an optional audio/video recording authorization, and—if actual treatment will be administered during the session—a liability waiver.

Proposed Topics/Format

  1. Topics should be focused on one or more of these audiences: Licensed acupuncturists, acupuncture and Oriental medical (AOM) students, and allied health professions.
  2. Educational sessions should generally pertain to clinical matters or the actual provision of health care to patients. However, other presentation topics will be considered.
  3. Submissions will be reviewed by the CSOMA Events Committee and selected for their relevance.
  4. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Orthopedics, pain management, women’ health, Master Tung’s system, addiction and detoxification, community acupuncture, legal and practice management aspects of AOM.
    • Acupuncture and Oriental medicine generally.
    • Western biomedicine.
    • Scope of practice, scientific, or clinical content with a direct bearing on the quality or cost-effective provision of patient care, community or public health, or preventive medicine.
    • Quality assurance or improvement, risk management, health facility standards, or the legal aspects of clinical medicine.
    • Bioethics or professional ethics.
    • Courses designed to improve the practitioner-patient relationship.
    • Courses designed to develop a licensee's patient education skills including, but not limited to, patient education in therapeutic exercise techniques, nutritional counseling, and biomechanics.
    • Courses designed to enhance a practitioner’s ability to communicate effectively with other medical providers.
    • Courses in acupuncture’s role in individual and community health emergencies and disasters.
    • Courses in the behavioral sciences, patient counseling, and patient management and motivation specifically oriented to the improvement of patient health.
    • Research and evidence-based medicine as related to acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Non-Acceptable Session Topics

The following session topics may be considered by the review committee but will generally not be accepted:

  1. Sessions which focus upon self-improvement, personal growth changes, self-therapy, self-awareness, weight loss, etc., for the practitioner.
  2. Liberal arts courses in music, art, philosophy, and others unrelated to acupuncture or Oriental medicine
  3. All other topics not related to the practice of acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine.


Upon acceptance and completion of conference session instruction, presenters will be entitled to the following:

Conference Registration

The main presenter of each 3.5-hour (or longer) session will receive free registration for the full conference. (Approximate value: $450)

  • Pre-conference workshop on Thursday, May 17, 2018, is not included. If presenters wish to attend, presenters must register and pay any applicable registration fees for this workshop.
  • Presenters must register for the conference and each class they will attend. Registration for the conference is not automatic with the acceptance of your presentation proposal.
  • Presenters shall receive documentation of each hour of instruction time for use towards CEU credit.

Meals & Accommodations

The main presenter of each 3.5-hour (or longer) session will receive:

  • One free night of hotel accommodation for each full three and a half (3.5) hours of session instruction. Presenters are responsible for making their own room reservation within the reserved CSOMA room block on or before the early-bird registration deadline. (Reservations fill up quickly, so reserve yours early.) Hotel accommodations will not be provided for less than three and a half (3.5) hours of session instruction. CSOMA will not provide accommodation or reimbursement for accommodation at any rate that exceeds the CSOMA conference room rate of $129 per night plus applicable taxes and fees.
  • Lunch will be provided as part of the presenter’s free conference registration for each day of registration.


Presenters will be reimbursed for travel as follows:

  • Air Travel: Presenters of 3.5-hour (or longer) sessions who require air travel to and from the conference will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $250 for individual air travel expenses. A receipt for a paid airline reservation must be submitted to CSOMA before any air travel reimbursement will be issued. NOTE: The CSOMA Events Committee may consider additional reimbursement for travel on a case-by-case basis.
  • Driving: Presenters driving to the conference will be reimbursed for mileage ($250 max.) plus twenty-four (24) hours of hotel parking for each FULL three and one half (3.5) hours of session instruction time (2 hours in the case of evening sessions).
  • Other Travel: CSOMA will not reimburse presenters for any travel not outlined above unless pre-approved by the CSOMA Events Committee in writing.


Presenters will be eligible for honoraria as follows:

  • No cash honoraria will be paid.
  • Presenters of two (2) hour (or longer) sessions will receive a complementary one-year CSOMA membership or extension of existing CSOMA membership in any membership category for which they meet eligibility criteria. The new membership or membership extension will be applied post-conference. (Approximate value: $145 to $400)
  • Presenters who do not meet the eligibility criteria for any CSOMA membership category will not be eligible for any honoraria.
  • CSOMA assumes absolutely no obligation for compensation, honoraria, and expenses not specifically identified above.

Details Needed for Submission of Presentation

To be considered your presentation abstract must reach CSOMA by close of business on January 20, 2018.

Workshop presenters will be selected by the CSOMA Events Committee based on the quality of submission received, the educational needs of our attendees, and the number of sessions available. The Events Committee will contact you no later than February 22, 2018.

To be considered, please complete and send the Presentation Abstract document and related materials to: expo-program@csomaonline.org.

You may also mail the completed proposal to CSOMA:

ATTN: Conference Program Coordinator 
PO Box 7775 #68552
San Francisco, California 94120-7775

The California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA) is a nonprofit professional association whose members include licensed acupuncturists, students of acupuncture Oriental medicine, and allied health care providers.